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Christie Walker Bos is a hopeful romantic living in Big Bear Lake, California, with her soul mate Robbie Bos, who fulfilled 63 out of 65 items on her very own Man List. Having found her soul mate using a magical man list, Christie fictionalized the story and came up with her first romantic comedy, Magical Man List.

Christie and her very own Magical Man, at their Renaissance peasant wedding in the forest of Big Bear.

In addition to writing novels, Christie has a full-time job as an editor/writer for the optical industry, is a professional photographer, and jewelry maker. She’s an activist in the areas of the environment and women’s issues volunteering for both the Sierra Club and at a local women’s shelter. A mother of two—Erica and Brian—Christie enjoys life in the mountains, camping, music festivals and anything involving friends, family and her kids. She has had three non-fiction books published for kids on the topics of hot air ballooning, volleyball and understanding male and female roles for young adults.

Christie on an adventure to the Arctic Circle to capture the Northern Lights.

Dressed as Jenny, the Jeffrey Pine, Christie promotes stewardship of our natural resources to children and adults.

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Christie Walker Bos