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Dating the wrong man was not a casual endeavor for Samantha Stewart—it was turning into a career. At thirty-five, Sam was a never-married, baseball-loving successful engineer whose chances of finding true love, having kids and living semi-happily ever after were looking bleaker with every passing ball season. Aside from her equally single best friend Marta, Sam’s only other guides on the path to true love are her two inner voices—Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun Lauper and Miss Goodie Two Shoes—who regularly fill her head with conflicting advice.

After a frightening brush with death, Sam decides not to waste another second. It’s time to get serious about finding her soul mate. She enlists the help of Marta to create a magical man list, a divining rod for finding the perfect man. To activate their lists, they make up “magical” ceremonies that involve breaking into a baseball stadium and almost drowning in the ocean. But if there’s one thing Sam and Marta discover on their hilarious journey—there’s no sacrifice too great when it comes to finding true love. Magical Man List was previously self-published by the author. This book has been re-released by Cerridwen Press.



“Here’s the problem,” I explained to Marta, as we sat in the dry sauna at our condo complex. “I’ve always taken for granted that I would have children someday—a boy and a girl at the very least—and a wonderful husband. We’d live in a wonderful little house with an office over the garage, where I would work from home while raising my wonderful children.”

Marta, who looked like a wise guru in her white towel turban and surrounded by a shroud of mist, simply nodded knowingly, while her eyes remained closed and sweat beaded up all over her naked body.

“But now I’m not so sure. My big plans depend somewhat heavily on finding that wonderful husband to father my wonderful kids and contribute at least something to the wonderful house,” I said with an exasperated sigh. “Maybe this isn’t all just going to fall into my lap like I thought, and maybe, just maybe, I have to do something more aggressive about it.”

At this point, Marta opened one eye cautiously. She was in one of her down-on-men moods, after having dumped Steve, aka “The Orderly” less than a week ago.

“What can you do about it that you haven’t already been doing? I mean, you’re still dating. You’re still ‘out there’ on a regular basis, just like me, and look what it’s gotten us so far—an assorted collection of anal retentive freaks and losers.”

“I know. That’s why I’m so depressed. I’m in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. I’m running out of ideas. It’s time to take this finding-a-life-partner stuff more seriously. It’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs.”

“Please, no baseball analogies,” Marta pleaded. “We have a problem and this time we need something a little stronger, a little more mystical, a little more magical than baseball.”

“You blasphemer,” I cried in mock horror. “What could be more powerful than the sacred game of baseball?”

Marta sat silently for a moment, pondering over our dilemma. Finally she started speaking very slowly, as if each thought had to be pulled from deep inside her head.

“What we need is something to guide us in our dating choices. Something to help us choose more wisely, instead of being swept up in the moment. Something that will stop us from saying yes to every decent-looking man who asks us out, something to help us be more discriminating. Something that will short-circuit our flawed selection processes, bypass our initial urges and help us find our soul mates. Maybe even some kind of magical dating formula. Maybe we need to make a list,” she said, sounding very profound. “I keep hearing about this list thing. It’s really supposed to work.”

“A list? What kind of list?” I asked, waking the twins out of their stupor.

“A magical, spiritual wish-list kind of thing that will bring your soul mate to you,” said Marta, now sounding like the guru she resembled, except for the naked part, that is. I think most gurus wear a white diaper or something. It was hard taking Marta serious while she was naked.

“Haven’t you heard it at least a dozen times? If you want to succeed, if you want to get ahead, make a list of your goals. If you want to feel organized and in control of your life, make a list of projects, errands—even a small to-do list will work. And when you’ve crossed everything off the list, you gain a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.”

“How does this get us a man?” I wanted to know.

Marta explained her theory of why the list thing might work for us.

“Creating a list forces you to really examine what it is you really want, and writing it down makes it tangible and real. The list then becomes a form of meditation or prayer—a concentration of personal energy that draws the right person to you. Maybe we could empower our lists with magical forces by creating a sacred ceremony or something.”

Ms. Goodie was instantly suspicious.

Goodie: This will never work. Sounds like a bunch of New Age mumbo jumbo to me.

Lauper: Oh shut up. Let’s find out more before we pass judgment, shall we?

“So we’re going to make a wish-list for the perfect man? I do that every Christmas and it hasn’t worked yet.”

“I’ve seen your Christmas list posted on your parents’ refrigerator. It’s a joke!” laughed Marta.

And indeed it was. Every Christmas since I turned twenty-one and became too old for a real Christmas list, I’ve created a joke list that goes up on my parents’ refrigerator every Thanksgiving. I ask for things like a million dollars, world peace, a Jeep complete with golden retriever, a condo at the beach and a man. At first it just read “A man”. But as the years went by, I kept elaborating…

A man with a job.

A man who doesn’t live with roommates named The Bomb and Six-Pack Man.

A man with a brain above his neck.

A man who remembers your name the next morning.

A man who doesn’t sleep with your girlfriends.

A man who could chew gum with his mouth closed and not swagger at the same time.

A man who is taller than he is wide.

Simple requirements, really, but come Christmas morning…nothing. One year, just as a joke, Will decided to grant my wish. He had stuffed a fully inflated man into an empty television box and when I opened the gift, knowing full well it wasn’t the color TV pictured on the box, I screamed as the anatomically correct plastic man-doll came springing out.

“So what kind of list do you have in mind?” I asked, only slightly intrigued.

“I’m talking about a fool-proof, everything-you-want-in-a-man-or-soul-mate type of list, complete with magical powers, a special spiritual ceremony and summoning chant.”

“I think we’d better get you out of here. All this heat is causing your brain to swell. You might even be having a stroke.”



A Winning Novel…Christie Walker Bos has another charming tale on her hands with Magical Man List.  It is one that will make all sports fans, as well as romantics, laugh out loud (seriously, don’t read this one in a library).  I love how Ms. Walker Bos takes a sports loving woman engineer and not only finds her a man that will appreciate her but who will also love her.  Add to this fact the antics Sam and her best friend Marta go through for their lists and you have the winning novel Magical Man List.  I am a fan of Ms. Walker Bos and I hope to see more from her in the near future. - Tanya at Joyfully Reviewed

Will Have You Laughing Out Loud... This is a very upbeat story that will have you laughing out loud at times. Sam’s biological clock is ticking louder and louder, but she and Marta have a positive genius for picking the wrong man for them. The magical list makes them focus on what they really want. Bryan does not appear to be Sam’s type at first; his long hair and mustache are definitely not her usual preppy type, but he fits her list almost exactly otherwise. Despite her attempts to sabotage herself, they really are made for each other. The characters are very well drawn, especially Bryan, Marta, and the sexy other man, Marco. Sam is a very appealing character who wants love and does not know how to go about finding it, until now. This is a fun read with a very happy ending and will definitely cheer you up out of any bad mood. - Maura, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

A Knockout 5 Enchantments... MAGICAL MAN LIST is told in first person perspective like you wouldn't believe.  You not only read what she says but feel it as well.  This story is for those who have given up hope, and begin to rely on a note on a Frig to get what they want.  But if you want to know Sam's wish list, then you will have to read it.  And it is so worth the time, and even worth rereading again and again. - BrandyWine, Reviewer at Enchanting Reviews

Do You Believe in Fate?... If not you will once you finish reading Magical Man List. For Samantha Stewart finding love was somewhat hard for her. Each time she thought she was close the guy ended up having at item on her bad pet peeve list. There was always something wrong about them and she could never understand if it was just really her that had the problem. With a near death experience hitting her in the head she comes to realize that her life is almost over and she still has not met the right one. With her best friend they come up with a list of the qualities they are looking for in a man. The thing is that even though they make the list the guys are still hard to find. I loved the whole concept of a list to help you find the right one. Samantha is your normal woman. The only problem is that she is a huge baseball freak and just wants someone who can share her hobbies. The problem is that though she dates she always has the rottenest luck and ends up finding idiot men. I loved that the author was able to create a story of something that happened to herself and apply that to a heroine who needed a good man. There were so many funny things happening in this story from almost getting caught at a popular baseball field to getting annoyed by a gorgeous physician. Great story and definitely will make you believe in fate and love happening in a most unusual ways. - Melinda, Reviewer for Night Owl Romance

(Author Note: The following reviews are from readers who read the book when it came out in print the first time.)

I Loved It!... I loved the Magical Man List. I laughed out loud several times throughout the book and my kids looked at me like I was crazy. It's well-written and easy to read with so many comical and romantic moments I couldn't put it down. Chapter 4 is my absolute favorite and it gets better from there. This book would make a great romantic comedy movie! I hope to see "The Magical Man List" in the movie theatre some day and I can't wait for Christie's next book! – Lorinda, Eden Prairie, Minn.

Be Careful What You Ask For... Reading this was inspiring, makes me feel like I'd better get off my butt and ask for what I want; cause I might get it! I didn't want to put it down; and I'm looking forward to Ms. Walker-Bos' next novel. – Lisa, Bishop, Calif.

A Real Page Turner... This book was a real joy to read, and kept me "hooked" from the very first chapter. The characters were funny, relatable and quite a delight to get to know. There's nothing like a well-written book that offers light, witty dialogue, and laugh-out-loud situations--all in one! Needless to say, this book was just the right blend of humor and heartfelt sentiment--I loved every page! – Tami, Camarillo, Calif.

I Believe in Romance Again... This book will make you want to believe all over again: in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and above all....true love and romance. Christie turns the age old dilemma of finding your soul mate into a truly magical, witty, and easy to read game plan. To all the hopeless romantics out there, read this book and find your own personal reasons to continue your search with both passion and purpose. – Rene, Whitehall, PA

Engaging & Fun Read... Christie is a local author whose book I advance read for the community bookstores. This little book is a fun and engaging journey about the quest to find the perfect soulmate. Everyone who buys this book loves it! – Diana L. Guerrero, Big Bear Lake, Calif.

Fun, Lite, Read...  I read the Magical Man List while on a cross country flight. It was a fun book that made the flight zip by. I enjoyed the characters and the fun premise of the book. It will make you think about your ideal person and what you're really looking for in a partner. Looking forward to Christie's next book. – Lenor, Weston, Conn.