Personal “Magical Man List” Stories from Readers

Have you made your very own Magical Man List? Did you create a magical ceremony to activate your wish list? Did the man of your dreams arrive?

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In January 2008, after getting out of a bad four-year relationship, I decided to get back into the dating game by joining an online dating site, posting a profile that included my main criteria for a partner as well as my own mini-bio. I was talking to a friend about it and she, knowing that I’m Wiccan, suggested that I do a love spell to attract my dream man to me, so I took her words to heart, preparing a love spell listing all of the attributes I’d included in the online profile and quite a few that I had not. I wanted to find someone who was intelligent and well-educated, socio-politically very liberal, and a serious sci-fi/fantasy geek. I also wanted someone who was short, since I’m just 5’2” myself.

Within two weeks of my doing the spell, I got a reply from someone who was witty, passionate, and fit all of my requirements for the perfect man save three: he was older than I would have liked, which gave me pause, and he was neither Scottish nor a redhead (very sexy characteristics, but not truly important ones).  But everything else fit. He was my perfect man, although the gods seem to have taken the height specification pretty seriously – he’d been born without arms or legs, which made him even more impressive to me, quite frankly, considering that he’d done so much with so little. We match so well on so many levels, and we’ve been together ever since!!!  

Brandi Skipalis, Hadfield, UK


The Power of Intention

I was single for 20 years after a first marriage of 25 years and had done a lot of list making of what I wanted in a man.  After reading your book I worked my list in more detail and when I had it where I wanted it, I put it into a metal bowl outside in my backyard and burned it to release my wants to the Universe.  By the way, 20# bond paper doesn’t burn very well. However, the job was done and I released what I wanted to the Universe…or powers that be.  A few months later and after watching the Secret, I was on the way to my tennis club for a mixer. I decided to do a visualization of me meeting the man I wanted and his approaching me. Well, needless to say, that was the event that put me together with my now husband and no doubt my soul mate. So I am in full belief of your process and the power of intention.

I suggest your book to all my single clients and friends and friends kids.  I am a strong believer in the power of intention along with the laser beam list of knowing what you want in a relationship.  Your book makes it a lot of fun along with personal experience which I believe helps people to relate as well as add credibility to the results.

Eileen Klein, Orange County, Calif.


Sheer Desperation

My list came out of sheer desperation; I didn’t need to write it down, it was seared in my mind.  In fact I had become so disenchanted with dating that I decided to go celibate, like going on a diet, I would give up men for a while.

But before I had reached this point; I was dating, working, and sharing a house with a roommate.  One day my roommate came home with this guy, I didn’t like him at all, he was arrogant, and cocky.  Turned out my roommate and I were not well suited so she moved in with him.  It didn’t last.  I have to say in his defense that was one thing we had in common; neither one of us could get along with her.

We all went our separate ways, it was a couple years later I was sitting on my sofa reading a book when the door bell rang, it was him!  Shocked to see him he explained he was going on a date and while trying to find the address he saw me through the picture window reading.

The next morning the doorbell rang again!  He surprised me with coffee and doughnuts.  Long story short, he was my list!  He, among many other things, was determined, considerate, patient, ambitious, funny and exciting.  I kept telling him that we would “just be friends”.  Well his persistence paid off, we eventually got married and 34 years later he is my best friend and soul mate.

Rita Hopple, Big Bear Lake, Calif.