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Book Clubs

Have a book club? Want to feature one of my books? I’m available for conference calls or phone-in “appearances” to answer your questions. For those in Southern California, I may be able to make personal appearances depending on scheduling and location. Let’s have some fun. Send me an e-mail.


Share Your Magical Man List Story

Have you made your very own Magical Man List? Did you create a magical ceremony to activate your wish list? Did the man of your dreams arrive?

Share your very own “Magical Man List” story BY SENDING ME 250 words or less about how you made a list and found your soul mate. Please put a subject line "My Magical Man List Story" on your email.

Selected stories will be posted HERE.


Why I Write…Letter From My Readers

Writing novels is not making me rich, at least not yet. So I don’t write for the money. I write because I have all these stories and characters in my head. I write because I love it.

The reward comes when I receive feedback from readers. I love their letters telling me how much they enjoyed my story or how they couldn’t put the book down. THAT is why I write.

Check out these LETTERS from my readers.