Reader Letters

Dear Ms. Walker Bos,

First, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your novel "The Write Man for Her".  I really enjoyed it, and as a woman whose own Mr. Right uses a wheelchair, it was nice to see a little of my own experiences in Jessica and Brant's story (like getting used to light switches placed much lower than usual, as well as figuring out how to do things differently with a partner whose body is not the standard model).

And second, having enjoyed your novel, I read your bio at the end (which impressed me, particularly your environmentalism and feminism, as well as your "magical man list"), and followed the link at the end to see if I could find any more books you'd written that I might like to read.  It was there that I read the full story of your magical man list and thought I would share my own as you invited readers to do**……………..Brandi Skipalis, Hadfield, UK

**See her story in the section for Personal Magical Man List stories from readers.


Hi Christie:

Your daughter Erica gave me an autographed copy of your book "The Write Man For Her." I finished the book months ago, so this email is long overdue! I wanted to tell you that I greatly enjoyed the book, especially the characters.

After my injury (and divorce), I spent a long time rebuilding my sense of masculinity and identity, and more time hiding from life than I'd care to admit. Seeing those struggles and fears brought to life in the pages of your book made it really special for me.

For someone who is female and able-bodied you did a perfect job expressing how a man in a wheelchair can feel on the inside. You didn't shy away from the "juicy" parts, either. Society still has a hard time accepting that wheelchairs and sex can go together, but you didn't dodge the issue at all and I applaud you for it! I loved Jessica too; it was nice to see her side of the equation. I owe much of my emotional healing to strong women I've met through the years, who've challenged me to "get my mojo back" without ever allowing me to make excuses.  My favorite part was the confrontation with Simon at the company party. Oh, how that hit home for me. Loved it! 

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing the book, and thank you for the autographed copy. Keep doing your thing……………..Ben Collins



So my therapist recommends I read this book "The Magical Man List." I'm skimming along, thinking "I don't really want to do this," when I come to page 35…and it turns out the characters are Buffett fans.

            Well, there was little choice after that.  Not only did I read the whole book, but I made the list (no ceremony) and I've shared the list-making practice AND the book with at least a half-a-dozen friends, gay and straight.
Thought you'd like to know.  You never can tell what's going to hook the reader!
Phins Up! ……………..LeAnn



I just had to let you know that I LOVED your book “Getting Back to Delaney,” and so did my girlfriend Linda who took it with her to Boston to read on the plane.  I am going to drop into Book & Bean and see if they have any of your others on the shelf.  It was an easy and fast read..........GREAT. 

I was so inspired I came home and dug out a book I started 30 years ago. Boy is it dated.  Written on a manual typewriter with no spell check, references to Western Airlines, women's lib and Datsun cars. Anyway back then I completed six chapters and now I am updating it. You have inspired me to finish this long ago piece of work. So thank you, thank you, and I wish you much success with your next novel……………..Yvonne



I just finished your book last night, “Getting Back to Delaney,” and it was the best book you have written so far.  The others were more like Jennifer Crusie books. This one had more story to it and really held my interest. Of course the sex part was a little more than I wanted to read but, of course, I am your mother.  I was glad there was only one part where you went into pages of detail. Some books put it all through the book and I end up not reading it. Good move. At times, I forgot that this was your book and was just reading it. Loved the age of the characters, and also the three grandmother types next door, which added to the humor of the book, but not too much. 



Hi Christie:

My plan was to get up at 9am and be productive. Clean the apartment, vote, shop for Halloween (I'm going to be Sarah Palin), and get some writing done. After the alarm went off and after the usual couple snoozes, I picked up my new book The Write Man for Her to read a chapter or two before getting on with my day. Two hours and 10 chapters later, I just got out of bed...but only because I had to pee. Your fantastic new book is destroying my productive day! Just thought I'd let you know ;-) ……………..Jen