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The Write Man For Her

Work, work, work. That’s how Jessica Anne Singer has dealt with the loneliness surrounding her since her divorce. Except for her squawky cockatiel, Merlin, Jessica hasn’t had a date in years, but all that’s about to end. Jessica’s best friend, Cath, has decided that Jessica needs to meet her dreamy online professor, Brant Wilson, who inspires her in more ways than one.

Creative writing professor Brant Wilson is intrigued by one of his online students, Jessica Singer. She seems more worldly than most of his students and has a penchant for arguing with him over just about everything, which he finds oddly enjoyable. But when she asks to meet with him in person to discuss her grades he immediately refuses. He never meets with his students face to face. Never.

Undeterred, Cath hatches a harebrained plan to find the reclusive professor. When the plan actually works, Jessica uncovers the real reason the professor doesn’t meet with his students. Stunned by her discovery, Jessica must decide if she’ll listen to her head or her heart when it comes to determining if Professor Brant Wilson is the right man for her.



The Wednesday evening chat session was only a couple hours away and Jessica couldn’t sit still. While working on her novel in her head, she cleaned the bathroom, rearranged the six items in her fridge and ate three spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar. “Eating Rice” had been chosen as the sacrificial lamb for the evening’s discussion and after missing two Wednesdays in a row due to business meetings with clients, Jessica had to admit—if only to herself—that she had been looking forward to resuming her sparring sessions with her professor. But now that the chat session was going to be centered on her story, she was almost afraid to log on.

With the other two chat sessions she had attended, she had made sure she was well prepared. She enjoyed the mental sparring that took place. The fact that she could say whatever she wanted without being distracted by body language or raised voices made her feel safe. If she allowed herself to think about it—which she rarely did—she did want to meet this man. She sensed they were making a connection, but were limited by the electronic medium through which they conversed.

She had already written him into her novel, making him the knight, of course, who would rescue Lady Anne and save the day. He was beginning to show up in her dreams as well, erotic, sexual dreams, from which she awoke hot, wet and restless.

What she wanted more than anything was his approval of her writing. She was dying to show him the novel, but was afraid his criticism would squelch her enthusiasm. She wondered how someone she had never actually met could both inspire and frighten her at the same time.

She found that all she wanted to talk about was his class, his lectures, his eyes, his assignments, the protracted arguments they had shared during chat room sessions. Even though Jessica wasn’t ready to acknowledge her feelings to Cath, her friend had picked up on the fact that something was there, something that hadn’t been there before. Something worth pursuing.

On the way home from work, Jessica had picked up sushi, rice and two large silver cans of Sapporo Japanese beers in honor of her story. When Cath knocked, Jessica leapt up and ran to the door, tripping over her discarded high heels in the middle of the room. Between gulps of beer and forkfuls of rice, Cath discussed their strategy and reread Jessica’s story out loud so they would be prepared for any questions. At ten to seven, they polished off the last of their beers and turned on the computer.

“I think you should stay in the background during the session if you can. Your comments should be short. Make him want to know more. Make him want to talk with you in private later over a cup of coffee, maybe,” said Cath, thinking out loud while Jessica signed into the chat room. Three students were already there and as soon as Jessica signed in, she began getting comments.

“Loved your story, J.A. Did this happen?”

“No comment,” Jessica replied.

“Nice imagery with the food. Had to take a cold shower.”

“Obviously from one of the male students,” snickered Cath.

“Did you write this? It sounds familiar,” wrote a Margie Strous.

“Jealous?” asked Cath, talking to the monitor.

Professor Wilson signed in at seven and got the session going with a little commentary on the work. “I chose this story for tonight’s discussion for a number of reasons. It had good descriptive passages that gave you a clear picture of what was going on in the mind of the protagonist, the plot or story line in this little tale kept you interested, and it stood out from the rest by venturing into the rich world of erotic literature, if somewhat tentatively. Let’s open the chat room discussion with a few words from the author, J.A.”

Jessica wasn’t ready to review her own work and turned to Cath in a panic. “What should I say?”

“Divert the question. Say something like, ‘Thanks for choosing my story for tonight’s discussion, but I’m more interested in hearing what my peers have to say about it’.”

Jessica typed in Cath’s response and hit SEND. The screen erupted with a flurry of activity—questions and comments flying back and forth. Professor Wilson didn’t get a word in all night. Jessica tried a couple of times to redirect questions to the professor but inevitably a fellow student would fire off an answer faster. The session went on longer than normal and by eight-thirty, Jessica felt drained.

“That was a waste,” she sighed as the session ended.

“No it wasn’t,” said Cath with a smile. “It went exactly as planned.”

“It did?”

“Yes. Answer me this. How do you feel right now?”

“Tired, frustrated, drained,” said Jessica.

“Perfect! And I bet our little professor is feeling frustrated, too. I’m sure he’s dying to talk to you in person since he couldn’t talk online. Send him a separate email, expressing your frustration at the way the chat session went, and see if he suggests you meet to discuss your work further. I bet this will work,” said Cath with confidence.

Jessica clicked on the email icon and began composing a short note to the professor.

Dear Professor Wilson,

While I was pleased that you chose my short story for the session tonight, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to get your insights and comments on my work. The comments of my peers are nice, but it’s your feedback that I find most valuable…

“That last part is good—stroke his ego a little. Very nice,” commented Cath, as Jessica read the email out loud.

“Should I sign it J.A. or Jessica?”

“I think it’s time to drop the J.A. I don’t understand why you used it in the first place,” Cath said before taking another mouthful of rice from the take-out container.

Jessica typed in, Sincerely, Jessica Anne and hit SEND.

They both just stared at the computer monitor, waiting for a reply. After nothing happened for five minutes, they began clearing away the remains of their take-out mess.

“I guess we were a little optimistic to think he’d be online right now and would answer you right away,” said Cath a nanosecond before the computer pinged to let Jessica know she had mail.

Both women flew back into the living room, stumbling over each other. Jessica grabbed the mouse and clicked on the new email.

I would be happy to discuss your work in more detail. Would you like to set up a private chat?

Professor Wilson

“A private chat?” moaned Cath. “That’s just lame. Email him back. Say, ‘How about a chat in person over coffee?’”

“I can’t say that. It’s too forward for me.”

Cath looked at her hard and pointed at the keyboard. “Type.”

Jessica sent out the next message already knowing what the answer would be.


He replied instantly. Jessica opened the new email.

I’m sorry, Jessica. That would be impossible. Let me know if you are still interested in an online chat and I will set it up.

Professor Wilson

“Damn,” said Cath. “I thought we had him. He’s not going to cooperate, is he?”

“I tried to tell you,” said Jessica, her voice relieved. “So that’s it then.”

“You’d sure make a lousy detective—giving up after our first attempt. We’ve just started. This just means we’ve got to be a whole lot more devious, that’s all.”

“How devious?” asked Jessica, wondering what her friend had in mind now.

“Just devious enough.”



A Wonderful Story About the Healing Power of Love... The Write Man for Her by Christie Walker Bos is a truly wonderful story about the healing power of love. Brant and Jessica each have their own walls to scale to true love, as each had been hurt by those they loved. I found their relationship very powerful, evoking the dreams we all have to find that one person who accepts us for who we are and loves us no matter what. I think The Write Man for Her is a story of hope as much as love and this is a tale that will be with me for a long, long time. The passion between these remarkable people is stirring and well-written and with just the right touch of humor to make this book truly deserving of the Recommended Read award. Tara Renee, TwoLips Reviews

Where Did You Get All This Talent... Finished your book last night. It was so good that I would forget that it was you who wrote it and not some well known author.  It was better than a book by Jennifer Crusie.  Where did you get all this talent?  The very sexy parts made me a little uncomfortable because you are my daughter but otherwise it was great.  Read it in two days.  Congrats.  Love, Mom

A Fun Light Read…I really connected with Jessica and I truly understood Brant’s reservations. Ms. Bos writes characters that feel human and have hopes, dreams and flaws. Being able to make a connection with Jessica and Brant brought the book to life for me. I didn’t want to put the book down. I just wanted to keep reading to find out what Jessica would do to bring Brant out in to the open. There were several sections that made me laugh out loud at Jessica and her friend Cath. Their determination to find the “real” Brant was comical. I would definitely recommend this funny, romantic read to every reader and I will be looking forward to more books written by Ms. Bos. Reviewed by: Kim N. of Manic Reader 

romancejunkiesA Romance So Original, You won't want to miss a single word..... I expected to be entertained and find great humor in Christie Walker Bos's The Write Man For Her. What I didn't expect was the emotional roller coaster that I found myself experiencing along with the characters. Jessica and Brant have been through painful rejections by their ex-spouses and their feelings regarding those events really captures readers hearts and keeps you enthralled in the story. If that's not enought to keep you enchanted with this storyline, throw in a stalker, an attack with oranges, and a romance so original you won't want to miss a single word.  This is Ms. Bos's second published novel with Cerridwen Press. She's definitely an author with a brilliant future ahead of her and I'll look forward to reading her next story. Reviewed by: Chrissy Dionne at

A Very Funny Story..... I found The Write Man For Her to be a very fun story with a number of tough subjects dealt with by the author, in a way that made the entire book pleasurable.  I think Ms. Bos not only dealt with a physical challenge but she also handled the sexual harassment aspect of the storyline with class.  Many could probably learn from how her character reacted to things.  I enjoyed that banter between the main characters as well as the secondary ones, and hope that The Write Man For Her is the first in a number of stories by Christie Walker Bos that I am going to be able to enjoy.  The more I think about this story the stronger my convictions to make this one of my July recommended reads.  Reviewed by: Tanya at

You've Got Me Wowed!..... I am reading your book right now . . . I still haven't finished but I am so bubbly with excitement I just had to stop and write you NOW to tell you how MUCH I am loving it!!!!!!!! You've got me W-O-W-E-D!...  I just finished your book. I couldn't wait until tomorrow! I loved it!! I loved Jessica, loved that she is a writer, I felt so identified and liking her so much I wish she were my friend. Brant is amazing, strong, tender, the scene where Simon forcibly kisses her and he feels so I wanted to cry!!! The letter he sent to her, and when she finally reads it, wow, it's all just PERFECT! BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!! I can't wait for your next!!!  Author: Red Garnier

Unique & Exceedingly Appealing... The Write Man For Her is a delightful and charming contemporary romance with a rare hero and a determined heroine. Both of our lead characters have been hurt in the past, with their prospective spouses walking out on them. Jessica had experienced many dead end relationships, finally giving up altogether two years ago. Brant hasn’t had a relationship since his wife, his one attempt a catastrophe that damaged his sense of self even more. Brant is himself a rare hero, the type of man rarely found in a romance novel, for he is so obviously not perfect – although in all honesty, no one really ever is, it is just not as plain to see. Yet, he is a truly superb character and one who really had me thinking ‘what if?’ about my own life. The plot is solid and very well put together. The story flows smoothly and is entirely enjoyable and engrossing. There is some sex, but it is vanilla and gently described. Christie Walker Bos has produced a gem that is unique and exceedingly appealing, not to mention very thought provoking. The Write Man For Her is surely a story that any romance fan would enjoy.  Reviewed by: Elizabeth at Fallen Angel Reviews